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The Most Noble Order of the Rouse Clan - Instruction in Chivalry for the Late13th and early 14thC.
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These are links that are directly affiliated with the Order and it's various members.
This is the direct URL for the Court of Northfeld Forum site.  It has Historical discussions, fantasy and factual role plays and more.  Heck, it even has a place for you to vent when your mop just won't flop right.  Of course you could just come to this site to find it.   BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE SKINS IN THE MODIFY PROFILE SECTION!

This is the URL for our Youtube channel.  Just incase you want to keep up on our videos by subscribing.  There may even be some videos that never make this site.

Our Facebook is currently our most popular way of staying connected. We use it to post updates and history related things.
Below are links to various busnesses that we chose based on our personal research.  We recive no ensentives to post thier links.

The Inner Baily is a family opperated leather working business that offers custom made reenactment goods that are top of the line and affordible.
Here are some websites to assist you in research, delving into the creation of a persona, or supporting the decision to live a chivalrous life.
This site is a great resource for information on the Chivalric code.  What's more is that it has an awsome forum for those wishing to live the code today, and help it into tomorrow.  Change starts with us.
Here's a site that has just about everything you need to become a well rounded medievalist, or he can  just help you throw one heck of a party.